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Wallpaper Changer

Want to Change Wallpaper ? Thank you Friends for Reporting the issues...Please help us to give you better app instead of you giving us Bad Review, Just try to give us 1 Chance to support you. Just Shaking your Phone will do the stuff, how Easy, Fast and Efficient Way is that!!! This app will just do the same. Install and Select the Folder for wallpaper and forget everything. Whenever you shake your phone it will change the wallpaper for you. Note: Long Click the Folder for Selecting. It has many other features like change wallpaper on unlocking the screen. Notification like
  • Vibrate on wallpaper change.
  • Notification icon in title bar for easy access to the app.
  • Adjust the shake sensitivity as per your requirement.
Fully satisfied!!! Worth the cost. No need to worry about saving wallpaper on phone now.... Most Imp. Wallpaper Quality can also be controlled by the user. (HIGHER THE VALUE LOWER THE QUALITY, LOWER VALUE HIGER QUALITY) HIGH QUALITY might take some time to change wallpaper!!! No need to resize the images, so no space is utilized, the images are just processed for displaying as per the selected Quality and not stored anywhere. Your Images are not Changed in any conditions. You can preview the images using the preview button to have a view how your images would look as wallpaper. There is no option for Landscape mode for now. So if you are looking for something like that please do not install this app. We are surely going to add more functions like landscape mode, Face book Albums, Flicker Albums, Picasa Albums, Changing wallpaper on regular intervals, Randomly changing wallpaper, and many more, etc. But our main focus is on Stability and Performance, We would really not like to integrate any feature which would ,lower the performance or stability. Also no need to worry about rebooting your phone and turning the app On, As you can just select the option and the app will start automatically on reboot. Read More ›


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