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Today there are lots of IT support companies. Which works on the same concept, which we work on, so we have to stand ourselves out and show our clients, what the actually need from us, that makes us different from others. What all the Total IT solution companies do ? How does they work ? What are their strategy to cover the market and make money ? Here RulTech has a little story to make you understand, how we stand different from others. RulTech's one of the director is in this Industry from more than 10-12+ years. He has worked with local as well as multinational companies. What his career experience was like, no one as a company cares for knowledge and efforts , what every company care for is economic growth. Here he was not referring to any company always, it was some time the company or the management or someone in the organization. But was this a real truth ? He had his thoughts over it and found that no it's not totally correct, the clients that this companies had really care and like knowledge more than money, they always loved the way people worked with their efficiency. They always gave more than expected to the people worked dedicatedly. Then he thought of bringing RulTech as an organization which will work totally differently then what normally companies does. We work as team and not as seniors and juniors, we work with what we like the most and so we have expertise over it. We love doing over work and so we are never tired. We know what it feels when you need something and you don't get it, and so we have round the clock support. We work for money , buts it's not the most important reason, the most important factor for us is our work satisfaction and clients satisfaction, everything considered after this.  RulTech thinks that this is what you need from us, as we already have everything what other companies have but the points above makes us stand out. And we are proud of it.   


RulTech is a provider of total IT support & services viz. Installation, Configuration, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Mobile development (iPhone & Android applications), Web Development (Java, dot net, PHP, Word Press, Joomla open source), Content writing & Data Analysis.